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Introducing Spirit of Le Mans, a magazine about endurance racing. The sport is popular all over the world, especially in France, home of the discipline’s flagship race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The high-end quarterly magazine published by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest covers all aspects of the fascinating world of endurance racing, presenting news on sport, technology, people, the environment, culture and society. It is a must for motorsports fans and for anyone interested in discovering a discipline that has a glittering past, an action-packed present and an exciting future.


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Turn the pages of Spirit of Le Mans and feel the thrill of the race as you read about the people who make our sport one of the most cutting-edge disciplines in the world. Comprehensive, informative and exhilarating, the magazine casts an expert eye over all aspects of endurance racing.

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Produced by a team of expert journalists, Spirit of Le Mans uncovers the secrets of the pioneering sport. Get your copy now!


The action

Spirit of Le Mans covers the entire World Endurance Championship, offering analyses, interviews and reports for each race.


The people

Above all, motor racing is about people working together to win races. Spirit of Le Mans helps you get to know them. There are some truly amazing characters in this sport.


The future

WEC drivers have to be fast, efficient and last the course too. Thankfully, innovation helps square the circle. SoLM explains the new technology that will soon be used in the production cars we drive.


The rules

Cutting edge technology and the demanding nature of endurance racing call for precise regulations. SoLM explains everything, from class differences to pit stop procedures.


The heritage

Decade after decade, endurance racing has greatly influenced the automotive industry and helped improve road safety in general. SoLM looks back at the milestones in the history of a sport that affects us all more than we know.


The artistic side

Artists have long been inspired by endurance racing, enticed by the quest for performance, the effort to surpass oneself and the spectacular scenes. SoLM presents the work that pays tribute to the discipline and the people who make it what it is.

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